Country Fairs & Garden Shows

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I attend various country fairs and garden shows throughout the year.

If you would like for me to attend I am available for demonstrations.

Please contact me on 01303 259255 or email me for details


Events I will be attending in 2019
  1. Saltwood Castle Garden Show, Nr Hythe - Saturday 4th May (10 till 5)
  2. Windmill fete  Stelling Minnis - Saturday 29th June  (10 till 5)
  3. Staple country Fayre, Nr Canterbury  - Sunday 30th June  (10 till 5)
  4. Tractorfest Country Show Biddenden - 17 - 18th August  (10 till 5)

Craftsmen have been producing traditional Trugs for over 200 years, the craft as we know it today was probably started well before that as a cottage industry. The word trug is thought to have come from (trog) meaning a wooden vessel. Trugs originated in Sussex but as with a lot of things they were later made all along the south from Dorset to Essex there were one or two in Kent ,as far as I know I am the only trug maker in Kent now (but correct me if I’m wrong).

I source my wood locally, the sweet chestnut (castanea sativa) from nearby woods, the willow is (salix alba) white willow as used for cricket bats. The chestnut is cleft with a froe into strips and shaved to form handles and rims, these are then steamed to bend round a former. the willow boards I saw thin then shave even thinner with a drawknife as shown in the photos on the front page. As you can appreciate making Trugs is very labour intensive, All the waste wood and shavings are used to fire the steamer, so nothing is wasted.